HTC's HTC 10 is going under to the Land Down Under.

The Taiwanese company has seen its revenue and profit fall considerably since the first HTC One, but with the HTC 10, it does hope to bounce back and win over customers in Australia.

The 5.2-inch QHD Super LCD flagship phone equipped with a sizable 3,000 mAh battery, USB-C connector, and a long list of other features, is indeed coming to the former British colony.

For a while, however, it seemed the Australian market would be slow to pick up the device. The HTC 10 went on preorder in a many markets such as the U.S. and the UK the moment it was announced last April 12.

Those who've already got plenty of hands-on time with HTC's flagship device have given it mostly favorable reviews even if a large majority of them also said the company's efforts just barely keep it at par with its competitors such as Samsung and LG.

But for those who don't want to shell out as much cash to get what is probably the best Android handset out in the market right now – Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 edge – HTC's offering does come a little cheaper with Australian carriers.

News of the HTC 10's arrival on Australian shores on May 3 was welcomed, but no carriers at the time had picked up the device to offer the flagship on a more affordable plan. Off contract and unlocked, the HTC 10 was pegged at a cost of $1,080 AU (a little over $830 U.S.). Needless to say, it costs a lot but it's also about $100 AU (about $77 U.S.) less than Samsung's Galaxy S7 and a whole $200 AU (about $150 U.S.) cheaper than the Galaxy S7 edge.

Fortunately, the HTC can still be had for much cheaper. Australia's Three is the first network operator partner in the country to step up and finally start taking preorders for the HTC 10.

Those subscribed to Three or plan on making a switch to the carrier to get first dibs on the device, will pay an upfront fee of £49 (about $70 U.S.) on a plan that costs £38 (about $55 U.S.) per month. In addition, the price will go up an extra £5 (about $7 U.S.) if a recurring method of payment isn't used. This plan affords the subscriber unlimited text messages and unlimited calls. However, the data cap is pegged at a paltry 1 GB every month.

Those who need more data – and that's pretty much everyone who likes social media and watching videos on the Internet – an unlimited everything plan that includes data can be had for just a bit more at £57 (about $82 U.S.) per month. Unfortunately, that still includes the initial £49 fee.

Early adopters in Australia sticking to Three can expect their new HTC 10 delivered to their doors or at Three stores starting May 6.

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