Xiaomi is preparing to add another device to its line of handsets, and another tidbit of information about the upcoming Xiaomi Max permeated the media.

The company revealed a teaser image of the phone, showing a small portion of it, but putting it in a compelling context.

Based on the image, the smartphone should fit snugly in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. The interesting thing is that recent rumors hinted at the fact that Xiaomi Max will sport a 6.4-inch screen, making the jeans pocket feature to be slightly confusing.

A notable detail is that the device will lack the distinctive Mi logo on its front side. Xiaomi seems to renounce the traditional placing of the logo on its device, and adopt a Baymax-style design which emphasizes the placement of earpiece, camera arrangement and sensors.

There is a strong chance that the handset fits into the mid-tier category, as it seems to lack the thin-bezels that are usually the staple of premium devices from Xiaomi.

Insiders familiar with the development of the Mi Max said that the gadget will be larger than the 5.7-inch Xiaomi Mi Note, and that it could pack the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Additional rumors claim that the phablet will get a fingerprint scanner.

Xiaomi notes that the Mi Max line is an entirely new product line, distinct from the Redmi and Mi series.

As a reminder, Xiaomi organized a poll asking its fans which name would be best suited for the new line. Users had to choose from a few options that the manufacturer listed such as Plus, Big, Pro or Max. The latter won more than 50 percent of the votes, with "Big" landing in second place.

The OEM rolled out the Mi 5 and the Redmi Note 3 in India, and the market reacted in a positive way at the high-end specs/affordability combo. The success of the two models was so great that Xiaomi President Bin Lin let the media know that his company aims to push out 140 million devices in 2016.

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