Watch Retro 8-Bit Display Made Out Of 160 Logitech G810 Gaming Keyboards [Video]


Logitech took to a huge 8-bit display made out of 160 G810 gaming keyboards to showcase just that - the Logitech G810 gaming keyboards.

At PAX East 2016, the hardware company came up with this genius way of presenting its wares. Its keyboards were connected to form what the company dubbed the "Great Wall of Logitech G."

The animation video was created in collaboration with iam8bit, a production company, which took care of the laser-etched keyboards to shine more light on to the display, turning the 10-foot by 15-foot 8-bit wall into a highly attractive publicity material. The quasi-television was supported by Orion's Spectrum LED technology that typically helps gamers set up custom lighting profiles that adapt automatically to different gaming environments.

The end result was an extremely cute and visually appealing animation, retro style, that showed a valiant character fly out in his spaceship, fight aliens and land back on Earth just in time to have drinks with his girlfriend.

However, while the animation looked a bit incongruous amid hardcore gamers, it fetched Logitech the attention it was aiming for. After all, the Great Wall of Logitech G was constructed just to display the G-line gaming keyboards in front of the deep-pocketed attendees.

This effort is a part of Logitech's plan to secure a footing in the gaming space. Gamers are known to spend a bomb on the right gaming devices, and with its new G line of products, Logitech is inching closer to taking a big bite out of the money-spinning market.

Priced at £149.99 or around $217, the gaming keyboard is now available on Amazon. While it's more expensive than its competition like Razer, Corsair and others, the device received great reviews for its superb lighting.

Check the video out for yourself to see what we were talking about, and then head to the online store if you like what you see.

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