April 26, according to 20th Century Fox, is the time for the world to celebrate hostile eggs, facehuggers, chestbursters and drones from the Planet LV-426. Scratch that-Planet Earth is actually supposed to be celebrating Ellen Ripley's triumph over the hostile alien race.

On March 29, 20th Century Fox announced that April 26 will be considered "Alien Day" as part of the 30th anniversary celebration for the Alien franchise and several establishments have already prepared for the celebration. Alien themed NECA and FUNKO toys as well as new comic books and novels from Dark Horse and Titan Books will be released, an Ultimate Trivia Challenge will be held online, several cinema screenings will be held and, perhaps the best news of all, Reebok is coming out with the official Ellen Ripley Alien Stompers which Sigourney Weaver wore in the film.

The day has finally come for the Alien Stompers to become available but Reebok seemed to have made a terrible decision with the production line and fans are not happy about it. The hi-cut stompers which Ellen Ripley, a badass female protagonist, wore in the Alien franchise was only made available in men's sizes. What?!

"The Alien Stomper was mis-categorized on our US website as a men's shoe [...]the Alien Stomper is a unisex style and was produced in sizes (US Men's) 3.5 - 12, which is a typical size range for a unisex model," a Reebok representative defended.

Sure, Reebok... after many teases, hyping customers up and reminding everyone that Ellen Ripley's alien stompers will be available on April 26-with a photo of the female protagonist wearing the stompers days before release-the product was still "mis-categorized."

The representative also mentioned that the product's size varied by market but there has been no evidence to support the claim. Either that or Reebok is anticipating that the future only has space for humans who wear size 3.5 to 12 shoes and we are all just overreacting.

Then again, it could also be a strategy to raise the price because, in honor of Alien Day, the shoe manufacturer also only made 426 pairs of alien stompers-and that's for the whole world! We've got to hand it to Reebok for its dedication to the number 426 and reinforcing the "limited" on "limited edition."

Only 36 pairs were actually made available for the United States market because Reebok probably miscalculated the number of fans the Alien franchise has in the continent-not all states have an Alien franchise fan, it seems. It also seemed surprise that all 36 pairs were sold out in less than an hour after being offered in its webstore and that there was a high volume of demand. It will, however, put one pair-ONE.PAIR.-up for a charity auction.

We don't know about you but, if Reebok receives a packaged hostile Alien, it probably would not come from one of the 36 people who were able to buy the stompers.

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