New information has surfaced regarding what Microsoft's Redstone, a major Windows 10 update, might bring to the table.

A leak depicting a screenshot from a Redstone build leads to the conclusion that the update will give Windows users a feature that has been present in Apple's OS X for two years. We're referring to the capability of transferring work progress between a computer and a mobile device. The even better news is that the transfer can be done in both directions.

The screenshot was posted on Reddit and it is quite plausible that it is the real thing. A user who published the screenshot observed that in the Redstone setting, there is a specific toggle that allows users to "Let apps on your other devices launch apps and continue experiences." The toggle also indicates that the transfer requires Bluetooth.

This means that those who are always on the go will finally be able to take whatever productivity tools they used on their mobile device, transfer the progress and wrap up on the PC.

The feature is not really a shocking surprise for those who paid attention to Microsoft's roadmap.

The company presented Project Rome during its Build conference in April, and the demos showcased that the new capability mimics closely the functionality of Apple Handoff. However, there are a few notable differences.

Project Rome promises to deliver the data transfer capability between computers and mobile devices not only by using Bluetooth, but WiFi as well. This should save some money for those who were ready to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to enable the feature.

Similar to the Redstone leak, Project Rome wants to "connect experiences" by allowing apps to work on multiple devices. It is also capable of remote-control activities, such as starting apps on other devices.

"Project Rome also handles more potential use cases than Handoff does, which may increase developer adoption of the technology," says InfoWorld in a report.

One of the challenges that Project Rome will be facing is the complexity of the platform caused by the fact that developers want it to cover many tasks and to handle both local and remote connections.

More details about the Windows 10 Redstone update can be read in Tech Times' coverage.

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