The theatrical release of Captain America: Civil War is just a week away, but Marvel fans can start getting in on the action early, thanks to a new update to the mobile game Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.

Disney and Marvel announced on Thursday the addition of a new Captain America-themed event that is inspired by the movie.

The event features similarities to the plot of the movie, where an alliance is broken as the world gets torn apart. Commanders in the story-based mission Spec Op 2: Civil War will have to choose which side they are on: team Captain America or team Iron Man. Participating in the conflict for themselves, the players who choose Captain America will be able to add Falcon to their roster if they are successful, whereas those who take Iron Man's side will get Winter Solider.

Speaking of these characters, this event brings with it five new characters from the movie in total. These include the Civil War editions of: Winter Solider, Falcon, Captain America, Iron Man and Agent 13, with more characters and costumes inspired by the movie to come.

During the event, players with iOS will get a free Civil War version of Iron Man, and players with Android will get a free Civil War version of Captain America. This version of Iron Man is a tactician that has extra shielding for not only himself, but also his allies: talk about some serious armor. Captain America, on the other hand, is a Bruiser-class character, with his Civil War version doing more damage to enemies when his allies are injured.

Winter Solider will be able to use lots of weapons and is acrobatic, which means he can pull off some impressive moves. Falcon is a scrapper for Captain America and also acrobatic, but also uses a drone in combat. Lastly, Agent 13 is a martial artist and shooter who is the reward hero for the new PvP tournament launching for Captain America: Civil War.

This event in the game will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to start playing now.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is a turn-based PRG mobile game where the player recruits a team of heroes and villains to help them save the world. The game has its own original story but often blends content from the Marvel cinematic universe, comics and TV shows.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6. In the meantime, download Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 for free on the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore and the Windows Store.

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