Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most famous and vocal scientists of our time. He's also a huge fan of Twitter, and often takes to the social media site to correct bad science on a daily basis and to pass on little-known facts about whatever subject he chooses.

Tyson has spent much of his time on Twitter setting the record straight about things people often misunderstand about science, as well as reminding humans that in the grand scheme of things, we are pretty much nothing.

As if that weren't enough, though, Tyson also uses his Twitter account to correct the bad science of movies, film and television, as well as explain when someone has used bad science in an argument or to make a point.

Though it's easy to simply call Tyson a spoilsport when it comes to some of his Twitter rants, the truth is that he's genuinely trying to educate people, while also serving as the official wet blanket of the social media world.

Tyson's prolific tweeting is like a daily science lesson for anyone who follows him, and here's just a sampling of the movies, TV shows, sports and holidays he's educated us on over the years, whether we wanted him to or not.


Tyson went completely off on the film Gravity, starting with some of the film's most mind-boggling points and pointing out where the science isn't just bad, it's outright wrong.

Tyson did eventually admit to liking the movie, but it's probably good that he called out Hollywood for its lack of research on such a big film.


Most NASCAR watchers just want to watch cars race around a track at dangerous speeds while avoiding crashes, but Tyson decided to step things up a notch and turn the sport into a science lesson.


Tyson also did his best to remind people that not everyone celebrates Christmas, even going so far as to remind people that December 25 is also the birthday of Isaac Newton. Although these tweets became controversial, they were still all in good fun.

The Martian

Tyson also pointed out some fallacies in last year's hit movie The Martian, about a man stranded on Mars. Those points, though, didn't come from the movie's science, but some of the smaller details.

In the end, though, Tyson praised the movie for its use of science, even going so far as to call it another character in the film.

Star Wars

Sure, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now one of the biggest movies of all time, but that doesn't mean that it uses good science. Most would already argue that Star Wars is more fantasy than science fiction, but Tyson chose to drive that point home with a few well-worded tweets.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is usually all about love and romance, right? But Tyson reminded us all that sometimes that romance leads to less desirable outcomes.

He also reminded us of ancient days, when some groups ate real hearts instead of ones made of chocolate.

Leap Day

If it's a holiday, Tyson has an opinion about it. He also has scores of facts you probably never knew and didn't want to know. But that's what Twitter is for.

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