Marvel's Punisher made his television debut during the second season of Netflix's wildly popular Daredevil, and now comes news that the gun-toting vigilante will be getting a full-blown series.

Entertainment Weekly has the scoop, saying "Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as vengeful military veteran Frank Castle, who brings his own lethal form of justice to Hell's Kitchen." Hannibal showrunner Steve Lightfoot will be taking charge of The Punisher spin-off.

Netflix has gone on to confirm the news, tweeting out a brief teaser for the show:

The addition of The Punisher brings the total of current or upcoming Marvel shows on Netflix up to six, joining the ranks of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, with shows based on Iron Fist and Luke Cage coming soon. The Defenders, an Avengers-style team-up show of all the various heroes of New York City, is also on the way.

It's unclear exactly how the Punisher fits into the equation. Will he join the Defenders, for example? Even if he isn't an official member of the crime-fighting team, it seems reasonable to assume Bernthal will pop in during the series at some point.

As for the idea of a Punisher spin-off in general, some might find it unnecessary. Though the character had a number of key moments in Daredevil season two, it never felt like he truly needed a show of his own. The mystery behind the murder of his family is cleared up by the end of the season, meaning a full-blown Punisher series won't likely feature any kind of origin story but instead will pick up shortly after the events of Daredevil.

Bernthal did a fine enough job as Castle. His portrayal of the character at times simply felt like an angrier (and more deadly) Shane from The Walking Dead, so here's hoping a full-blown series will give showrunners and Bernthal a chance to further flesh out the character's personality.

No word yet on when the series will be expected to arrive, but Marvel is expected to make an official announcement about the series soon.

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