Street Fighter V receives a number of important improvements in the form of veteran hero Guile rejoining the crew, a system to filter out rage quitters and polished matchmaking.

Guile will come back to fight in the tournament, and fans will rejoice to see one of the original eight World Warriors from Street Fighter II coming back into action.

The character will keep his ground and air fighting style and get additional new weapons to bolster his arsenal. Both PC and PS4 gamers from North America will have access to Guile's individual Character Story, as well as to his individual set of Trials.

Capcom announced that with Guile's release, a new stage will be added to Street Fighter V after the game's full launch. The stage is, not surprisingly, Guile's Air Force Base. Gamers will recognize the high-tech boom box, the shiny new jet and some familiar background characters who have appeared in the stage ever since Street Fighter II.

By shelling out 70,000 Fight Money, players can purchase it today. Owners of Season Passes should enjoy the stage for free for seven days.

All players get to toy around with Guile for free, at least until the Street Fighter V In-Game Shop opens up. Once the In-Game Shop goes live, the free trial for DLC characters that rolled out before the shop opening will end. This means that players must spend Fight Money or real currency to access those specific characters. Using the Season Pass to unlock them is another alternative.

The gaming company promises that it will crack down on players who disconnect too often from matches. The developers promise that the system will punish "rage quitters" so that Street Fighter V becomes a friendly and stable game environment for all to enjoy. In mid-April, Capcom started experimenting with a penalty system where players got their League Points docked.

"We will be continuing to monitor these accounts in the coming weeks and will take further action if needed," says Capcom.

Last, but not least, the Street Fighter V update holsters a series of tweaks to improve the matchmaking system, virtually shortening the waiting time until you find an adversary. What is more, the process of creating and connecting to Battle Lounges was simplified and accelerated and a number of bugs were addressed.

Read the full list of fixed bugs on the official Capcom page.

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