Huawei announced that it will launch the Huawei G9 Lite smartphone and MediaPad M2 7.0 tablet for the Chinese market on May 4. The China-based networking and telecommunications company intends to release the G9 Lite for about $260 on May 12, and the MediaPad will be released on May 13 for around $245 and $275 for the 16 GB and 32 GB models, respectively.  

The G9 Lite is being described as the P9 Lite for the local market, which was initially released in April 2016. The P9 Lite includes a 5.2-inch screen, 3 GB of RAM and the Android operating system (version 6.0). The G9 Lite also has a 5.2-inch display and 3 GB of RAM. Both phones have 13 megapixel rear-facing cameras and 8 megapixel front-facing cameras. It runs on a Kirin 650 processor and includes a 3000 mAh non-removable battery.

The seven-inch MediaPad M2 will be the third tablet in the series from Huawei. There are already 10-inch and eight-inch variations on the market, but the MediaPad M2 7.0 tablet will be the first to include a fingerprint sensor for security purposes. The device runs on a Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor and includes 3 GB of RAM. It has a 13 megapixel rear camera, as well as a 5 megapixel front-facing camera.

There are 16 GB and 32 GB versions of the MediaPad M2, and both will have microSD card slots for storage expansion of up to 128 GB. The device also supports dual SIM cards, whereas the earlier M2 10.0 only came in Wi-Fi-only and LTE variations. It has a 4360 mAh battery, compared with the 6660 mAh battery available with the 10.1-inch M2 tablet.

In terms of visuals, the MediaPad M2 7.0 has a 1920 by 1200 pixel display, while the G9 Lite sports a 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution. The G9 Lite will be available in white, gold and black, while the MediaPad M2 7.0 will be sold in white, blue, gold and pink. 

Huawei's highly-anticipated P9 debuted at the beginning of April, launching in countries including Greece, China, Germany and Norway on April 16. The company has deemed it a "masterpiece of state-of-the-art industrial design" with its sleek, minimalist look.

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