Huawei and Xiaomi are reported to launch handsets that will have an edge over competition this September.

Chinese tech media outlet MyDrivers hints that the two manufacturers are working hard on smartphones that will follow in Samsung's footsteps when it comes to curved edges.

The elegant and slightly sci-fi look of Samsung's Edge devices have gained the attention of smartphone enthusiasts. Despite having only a few advantages over flat screens, the round-edged displays do polarize a magnetic attraction. Manufacturers such as Blackberry and Vivo implemented the design in their Priv and Xplay 5 devices, respectively, but the design choice still has some way to go before becoming commonplace.

MyDrivers reports that Xiaomi will name its upcoming curved-screen smartphone "Mi Edge" or "Mi Note Edge." There is a caveat to this rumor, though. The company already has a model named Mi Note, which makes it doubtful that a Mi Note Edge will roll out.

Sources familiar with the matter note that Xiaomi will purchase its curvy displays from LG. Just as a reminder, LG did present an Edge-like prototype handset last year, during CES 2015. It might be that the OEM aimed at convincing other phone manufacturers to buy the technology, so we might see business ties between Xiaomi and LG.

Previous rumors also hinted that Xiaomi is working on implementing a curved display on its smartphones.

Even more intriguing, the source of the recent leak mentions that Samsung will provide Huawei with dual-curved displays. The suggested name of the new handset is "Huawei Edge Mate," but we recommend taking the branding speculations with a big grain of salt.

Having a September announcement lines up rather well with the IFA event, where OEMs are supposed to showcase their latest developments. Some months ago, Xiaomi rolled out a flagship in the form of the Mi 5, so it is plausible that an additional premium phablet is in tow.

The strategy to release a new device every six months is working nicely for Samsung so far, and Xiaomi might have taken some notes from the market leader.

Huawei follows a 12-month upgrade cycle, which means that September sounds about right for a revamping of its Mate S flagship.

According to GSMDome, rumors surfaced on the devices' prices. The Xiaomi phone should cost about $463, while Huawei's handset will be more expensive, with a price point of $617.

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