The results are in, and the titles in the new lineup of inductees for the World Video Game Hall of Fame 2016 more than deserve their positions in the spotlight.

The games that made it to the list of candidates come from numerous decades, different platforms and various countries of origin, and they were handpicked for their huge impact in the "video game industry, popular culture and society in general."

Winners Of The World Video Game Hall of Fame 2016

Grand Theft Auto III

Referred to as the first "3D open-ended" sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto III is more or less a shoo-in for the competition, as it's essentially the trailblazer for the open-world genre.

The Legend Of Zelda

One of the best Nintendo-branded games ever, The Legend of Zelda is clearly entitled to a spot in the hall of fame. Interestingly, multiple spin-offs, comic books and sequels of the title were made because of its immense popularity, not to mention it even got a TV series at some point.

The Oregon Trail

Initially developed to get students to learn more about American History, The Oregon Trail is the perfect example of how video games can be effective tools in the field of education.

The Sims

With a universal appeal, The Sims easily became a top-selling PC series. Aside from having relatable real-life simulations in one package, the game is the favorite of many because of its endless replay value.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is Sega's prime contender to go head-to-head with Nintendo's Mario, and it pretty much turned out great for the video game company, as Sonic the Hedgehog still stands as the best-selling game under its belt.

Space Invaders

Maneuver around, shoot wave after wave of aliens and beat the high score — that simple concept let Space Invaders become one of the most iconic video games in history.

Other Nominees

    • Elite
    • Final Fantasy
    • John Madden Football
    • Minecraft
    • Nürburgring
    • Pokémon Red And Green
    • Sid Meier's Civilization
    • Street Fighter II
    • Tomb Raider


The Strong started the World Video Game Hall of Fame back in 2015, and it's set out to give recognition to all types of games that deserve it, ranging from arcade, computer and console to handheld and mobile.

To determine the winners, the organization bases the decisions on the advice of journalists, scholars and other people who are familiar with the history of video games and their contributions to society. With that said, it accepts nominations from anyone.

What do you think of this year's World Video Game Hall of Fame results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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