Opera Software is officially offering a free, unlimited VPN for iOS, with a new app called Opera VPN now available for iPhones and iPads.

The Opera VPN app for iOS comes roughly three weeks after Opera released the same feature for its desktop browser.

While iOS users can already get various third-party VPN apps, many of thse apps start requiring payments for unlimited access. Opera VPN for iOS, meanwhile, offers a completely unlimited VPN for free.

With this new app, iOS users can access geo-restricted content, bypass firewalls, remove ad-tracking cookies that follow you online, and block ads. It's worth pointing out that the Opera VPN app comes with the feature disabled by default, which means that users will have to manually toggle it on from the Settings menu. The same menu also allows users to block ads and ad-trackers.

Opera VPN for iOS currently allows users to choose one of five regions to make it look like they're browsing from there. The current regions are the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Germany and The Netherlands.

The new VPN option is possible thanks to Opera's acquisition of SurfEasy last March.

"Opera VPN comes from our SurfEasy team. The app creates a secure tunnel between you and SurfEasy's VPN servers, making it more difficult for sites to track you," says Opera.

A SurfEasy blog post, meanwhile, notes that the app will likely be monetized by serving ads in the future.

It's worth pointing out, however, that OperaVPN will not work on apps that explicitly hunt down and shut off VPN access, such as Netflix. Because global Netflix users don't get access to that vast U.S.-only trove of content, many relied on VPNs to make it seem like they're browsing from the States. That worked just fine until Neftlix started cracking down on VPN use and blocking access, but it's no longer an option now.

Lastly, in other Opera news, the company also moved forward with its plans to launch a browser with a baked-in ad blocker, and released it last week for desktop and Android users. Opera VPN is not available on Android just yet, but it should hit the platform soon enough.

In the meantime, try it out on iOS or desktop and watch the short video below to see how Opera VPN for iOS can make Olaf happy.

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