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Opera Browser For Android Gets Free Unlimited VPN — Why You Should Enable It And How

The latest Opera for Android finally gets free, unlimited VPN. For encrypted web browsing, users can go to the settings page, then the VPN section, and toggle the feature on.

Apps/Software March 21, 2019

Browser Extension Secretly Stole Chrome And Firefox Users' Entire Browsing History

The Stylish browser extension has apparently been secretly recording users' browser history since January 2017, when it changed owners. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have now pulled the extension.

Internet July 6, 2018

Thanks To GDPR, EU Version Of Websites Are Faster

EU versions of websites now run a lot faster after the GDPR was officially launched last month. Users can take advantage of its benefits with a couple of steps.

Internet June 6, 2018

Sony Is Trying To Convince You To Buy The PS4 Pro With Opera Music

Sony prepared a new ad for the PS4 Pro complete with an opera singer and theme music. The short commercial highlights upcoming games like 'God of War' and 'Far Cry 5.'

Video Games February 5, 2018

Opera Reborn: Latest Browser Version Features Messaging Sidebar With WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, And Telegram Built In

Opera released the latest version of its browser and the main highlight is improved communication. The new Opera Reborn has a new messaging sidebar build right into the interface, offering quick access to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Internet May 10, 2017

Annoyed By Facebook’s Autoplay Feature? Here’s How To Block It For Good

Facebook’s autoplay feature might be annoying and intrusive for many, though certainly not unstoppable as some are wont to think. This Chrome and Opera extension does the job.

Apps/Software February 21, 2017

Mozilla Rebrands Itself With A New Logo: No Dinosaurs Involved

Mozilla has announced a new logo as part of the company's rebranding, which aims to get the organization's purpose and products better understood by people. The design took insights from the public's feedback collected in the past several months.

Internet January 19, 2017

Opera Neon Brings Drastic Changes To The Windows And Mac Browsing Experience

Opera has released a concept browser called Neon, which is quite astonishing both in its presentation and its sheer ambition. It is already available for download so you can try out the new design.

Internet January 13, 2017

Opera Browser With Built-In VPN Now Available To All Users

Opera recently became the first browser to have built-in free VPN, and users who are particular about their security online and anonymous browsing have something to look forward to.

Apps/Software September 20, 2016

Best Browser For Battery Life? Still Edge, Says Microsoft, Claiming Superiority Over Firefox, Chrome And Opera [Video]

Microsoft scored a new win in the browser wars, at least according to its own tests. The company claims that its Edge browser with Windows 10 Anniversary Update beats Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera by far.

Internet September 15, 2016

Opera Web Sync Service Breached By Hackers: Account Information, Passwords Compromised

Opera's web sync service suffered a security breach last week, prompting the company to force reset all passwords. The passwords are all protected, but Opera is understandably not taking any chances.

Security August 29, 2016

Opera Android VPN App Hits Google Play: Free, Unlimited VPN To Access More Content

Opera finally brought its free and unlimited VPN to Android, enabling users to enjoy extra security while bypassing geo-based restrictions. The Opera VPN Android app has no data limits and doesn't require any subscription or login.

Apps/Software August 23, 2016

Microsoft Edge vs. Opera Browser Battery Savings: Ready, Brag, Burn

Microsoft recently bragged that its Edge browser is the best at conserving battery, and Opera took that as a challenge. Is Opera 'over the edge'?

Apps/Software June 26, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

Opera Claims New Power-Saving Mode Can Extend Battery Life By 50 Percent

Opera has a new feature available for those using the latest developer version of the browser - low-power mode. This mode helps increase battery life of laptops by 50 percent when compared with rival browsers such as Google Chrome.

Internet May 12, 2016

Opera VPN App Lands On iOS: Free, Unlimited VPN For More Browsing Control [Video]

Opera officially released its new VPN app for iOS, offering free and unlimited VPN access. With Opera VPN, users can now bypass geo-restrictions, firewalls and ad-tracking cookies, with five locations currently in the mix.

Apps/Software May 9, 2016

Ads, Begone! Opera Browser With Build-In Ad Blocker Officially Launches, Loads 89 Percent Faster On Desktop

Opera officially released its native ad blocking feature for its desktop browser, as well as Opera Mini for Android. The built-in ad blocker allows for impressively faster browsing, greatly reducing the loading time for Web pages.

Internet May 4, 2016

Opera Desktop Browser Now Comes With Free Unlimited VPN Baked-In

Opera takes things to the next level, boosting online privacy and content access. The latest developer version of the Opera desktop browser now offers built-in unlimited VPN for free.

Apps/Software April 21, 2016

Ex-Opera CEO Launches Feature-Packed Vivaldi Browser For Power Users

Hungry for a more power-packed browsing experience? Vivaldi launches Vivaldi 1.0, the company’s pioneering desktop browser designed to meet the demands of power users.

Internet April 6, 2016

Opera Testing Desktop Browser With Ad Blocker Baked In For Faster Browsing

Opera is adding a native ad blocker to its popular Web browser. By blocking ads directly from within the Opera browser, the company promises a faster and safer Web experience.

Apps/Software March 10, 2016

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger And Gmail Drain Your Mobile Data While Running In The Background, Warns Opera Max

Opera Max has introduced Smart Alerts to help with background data drain, notifying users when data-hungry apps go overboard. WhatsApp, Gmail and Facebook Messenger reportedly drain the most data while running in the background.

Apps/Software February 21, 2016

Browser Maker Opera Gets $1.2 Billion Takeover Bid And Wants Shareholders To Take It

Opera got a buyout offer from a Chinese consortium of Internet-focused companies and a number of investment firms. The $1.2 billion deal would allow the Norway-based company to gain access to the companies’ user base, as well as financing support options.

Deals February 10, 2016

Opera Browser Update Notably Improves Download Interface And Adds Great Mute Tab Option

Opera for computers reached version 35 and it's full of neat improvements, including a refreshed download interface that's better than ever. The updated browser version also brings a new option to mute tabs, with a cool trick in tow, and more.

Apps/Software February 3, 2016

Opera Max Cuts Data Consumption In Half For Music Streaming Via YouTube Music, Pandora And More

If you enjoy streaming huge media content on your mobile phone but worry about spending too much on data plans as a result, Opera Max has something special in store for you. It now allows you to stream music apps on the go with less mobile data usage.

Apps/Software November 24, 2015

Samsung, Xiaomi And 12 Other OEMs Will Pre-Install Opera Max Data Management App On Future Smartphones

Opera understood that users treasure their mobile data and it provided an app to help with that. The Opera Max data management app will now come preinstalled on future handsets from Samsung, Xiaomi and 12 other OEMs.

Apps/Software November 9, 2015

Ex-Opera CEO Talks Vivaldi, Your Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Alternative [Interview]

Vivaldi has attracted over two million downloads as the Web browser moves a step closer to a final release. 'Vivaldi is all about features - it has a lot of them,' says company CEO and former head of Opera Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

Internet November 4, 2015

Opera For Android Update Brings New Features: Pull-To-Refresh, Pin Sites To Home Screen And More

Opera 32 is the name of the posh looking, better functioning, latest edition of the mobile browser. Chrome’s rival released an update for Android this week and the positive reviews are stacking up.

Apps/Software September 25, 2015

Your Smartphone's Battery Life Is Newest Tool To Invade Your Privacy

Just when you thought battery life is the only thing that keeps you safe from snoops, researchers come out with a new study saying you’re wrong. People online can track your activities just by knowing how much battery life you have left.

Internet August 5, 2015

A Singing Robot Is Starring In A Berlin Opera

Meet Myon, the opera-singing, showboating robot, who scientists are studying to find out if robots can learn to feel emotions.

FUTURE TECH June 30, 2015

Opera Mini For Android Undergoes Major Makeover

For its 10th year of life, Opera Mini gets a refresh. The new version of Opera Mini is only available on Android for now.

Apps/Software April 15, 2015

Watch A Preview Of 'Symmetry,' An Opera Filmed Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider

What do you get when you mix opera, dance and the wonders of science? You get something like 'Symmetry,' a film set inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Watch the film's preview now.

Geek March 13, 2015

Windows PC Users, Don't FREAK Out: Here's How You Can Protect YourSelf

The 'FREAK' security encryption vulnerability is actually worse than initial reports let on. There are, however, a few things every Internet user can do to shore up protection as patches are being created.

Internet March 9, 2015

WhatsApp Web Now Works On Firefox And Opera

WhatsApp launches an enhanced Web version that is now compatible on Firefox and Opera. Similar with how it works on Chrome, users would have to launch the Web client on their browser and have their phone’s QR code scanned to log in.

Internet February 27, 2015

Ex-Opera CEO Makes Browser For Power Users. Vivaldi May Spark New Battle Of The Browsers

A new web browser wants users to throw as many tabs at it as they want. Vivaldi, Opera's spiritual successor, looks to leverage the niche market of power users.

Apps/Software January 28, 2015

Mozilla Firefox 35 Now Available with Firefox Hello Conversations, Better Geolocation Service, and More

Mozilla has just launched the latest Firefox 35 version, along with a number of minor updates and fixes. The new version is available for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Internet January 15, 2015

Microsoft Commissions Opera to Absorb the Nokia App Store

Further distancing itself from the Nokia brand, Microsoft prepares to transition the Nokia app store into Opera's hands. Microsoft says it still plans to support legacy Nokia devices.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 18, 2014

Opera Mini tapped as default browser for Microsoft feature phones

Microsoft and Norwegian software developer Opera are partnering to develop a default browser for Microsoft's feature smartphones. The move comes as the Windows Phone continues to decline.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 21, 2014

Opera Mini for iOS gets UI facelift, data-saving modes

Opera Mini 8 has been revamped to match the aesthetics of iOS 7. It is now available for download at the Apple App Store.

Apps/Software June 27, 2014

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