The OnePlus One smartphone from the Chinese OEM OnePlus is its oldest and first ever handset.

The popular OnePlus One may be an old warhorse in front of newer offerings such as the OnePlus X and the OnePlus 2 handsets, but that hasn't waned its popularity with consumers.

However, the OnePlus One smartphone encounters minor performance issues, which may deter some buyers. Users of the handset who face the slow running issue need not fear as we have three easy tips that will give the OnePlus One a much needed performance boost.

Cache Clearance

App caches can contribute to performance slowdown of a smartphone. This is basically temporary data that is stored on the phone. Therefore, it is advisable to clear the app cache from your OnePlus One smartphone.

To clear the cache, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select "Storage."

Step 3: Under the Storage category you will espy "Cached data" option. Tap on the same.

Step 4: Upon seeing the prompt select "Ok."

This process will clear the cache on your OnePlus One smartphone, giving the device more free storage space and enhancing the performance.

Delete Unwanted Apps

Smartphone users often try out a plethora apps and sometimes forget about a few in the process. These unused or unwanted apps not only occupy unnecessary and precious memory on the handset, but also contribute towards the drainage of the device's battery.

Therefore, it is better to uninstall such apps from the smartphone to improve the performance of the handset.

Reboot Smartphone

A surprisingly simple way of improving the OnePlus One's performance is to reboot the handset. Doing this basically frees up any RAM that has gotten jumbled up in the processes or apps that continue to run in the background. Rebooting also clears any memory process, which leads to the performance boost.

Additional Tips

You can also alter the animation settings on your OnePlus One smartphone to make it operate faster than normal. Each time one opens any app or conducts any task on the handset, the animations essentially take a couple of seconds to finish it. Therefore, if one reduces or disables the animations, the performance of the smartphone automatically sees an improvement.

To change the animation settings, do as follows:

Enable "Developer Options" on the handset. To do so, navigate to About Phone in Settings. Tap on the "Build Number" to enable the "Developer Options." Scroll to look for the following: "Window animation scale," "Animator duration scale," and "Transition animation scale." Tap on each one and check for the 0.0x option, which lets one deactivate the animations. Alternately, one can decrease the animations to 0.5x. Either of the workarounds will boost the device's performance.

Uninstalling or disabling the bloatware on your OnePlus One smartphone, along with pre-installed apps, will also improve the device's performance.

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