Instagram just got a whole lot better-looking. The popular photo- and video-sharing app announced the big launch of its new redesign on May 11 that includes a brand-new colored logo and changes to the design inside the app.

It's impossible not to notice the big change to Instagram's icon: its new vibrant colors. These colors include hues of purple, pink, red, orange and yellow and blend together. The change of colors is a nod to the previous rainbow strip that was located on the left of the old icon.

Yeah, that's right. Instagram now has some pink in it, making it significantly different from the boring tan and brown colors its camera icon previously sported. The new icon now features the types of colors that immediately demand your eyes' attention.

Besides the new colors, users will also notice that the look of the camera on the icon has been updated. While it still pays homage to the previous design, it ditches the look of an actual physical camera and now sports a smaller body that fits inside the box with rounded edges. Instagram decided to go for a more modern look to feature just an outline of the camera in white, which plays nicely against the bright colors behind it.

Instagram also updated the icons for its other apps: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse. These apps now have a white icon background with the logos in the middle and a simple design featuring the same purple to yellow gradient.

Instagram also launched a design inside the app itself. Instead of the blue border on top with white "Instagram" text, the redesign features a white border with black text. Instead of a black border on the bottom of the app with gray icons to access its different features, the bottom border is now white, although the icons remain gray.

While most of these icons look the same, the Camera Roll icon for uploading photos and videos now looks more like an actual camera compared with the boxy camera that previously existed. The activity and notifications icon also got a slight change, ditching the talk bubble and featuring only a heart.

Overall, the new black and white in-app design is sleeker and simpler.

"The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app," the app update reads.

Instagram revealed in its blog post that the redesign better reflects the changes the app has seen over the past five years. No longer is it just a place to share photos with cool filters.

Check out the new redesign by updating the app or downloading Instagram for free for iOS and Android.

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