Android and iOS app Roger, which started as a walkie-talkie app, has just released a major update. Roger now brings third-party integration, allowing users to interact with Amazon's Alexa, Dropbox, Slack, IFTTT and more.

Roger, a fledgling app that was funded by former Facebook executives and built by ex-Spotify engineers, was first introduced in December 2015 as an alternative solution to sharing audio clips. By hitting a microphone button, users can record their voice and send the clip to anyone who has downloaded the app.

From a simple walkie-talkie format, Roger has evolved into a "voice platform." The best thing about Roger is that it's absolutely free. By simply downloading the Roger app, Android and iOS users will now be able to access Alexa's voice command features without having to purchase the Amazon Echo device. Through Roger, users can request Alexa to perform its usual tasks such as answering questions, ordering items, checking calendars, controlling smart home devices and more.Roger is not the first app to integrate with Alexa. Lexi also does it. However, Lexi is not free and would cost users $4.99 to download.

According to its developers, Roger is still relatively young and has "limited resources for the beta integration." Some users reported that Alexa was slow when accessed via Roger app, but the developers say this will improve over time.

"Roger has always been about making communication and technology feel more human; about spending more time conversing and less time looking at screens," says Ricardo Vice Santos, co-founder and CEO of Roger. "With the Echo and Alexa, Amazon is building a powerful conversational interface that feels human, and that's where we have much in common," he beamed.

Additionally, Roger has been integrated with other services such as Slack and Dropbox, which excites users everywhere. The new Dropbox integration will let users store their messages for 48 hours, and have their conversations backed up to their personal Dropbox account for privacy reasons. The Slack integration, on the other hand, will allow users to send voice messages to anyone who has also downloaded the service by simply tapping the Slack icon.

Users are also raving about the addition of IFTTT on Roger. IFTTT, short for "If This Then That," is another free web-based service that can be accessed to create simple conditional commands called "recipes" and give users control over various products and social apps.

Given this influx of integrations, users are expecting bigger and better updates in Roger's capabilities in the near future. The app's creators have also expressed plans to deploy a public API to allow third-party developers to incorporate their own apps with Roger.

To witness Roger in action, check out the video below and download the app in Google Play and App Store.

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