A report last week revealed that the upcoming iTunes 12.4 update will feature tweaks to the media app's user interface, as seen in screenshots acquired by Apple news website MacRumors.

It seems that the screenshots were authentic, as iTunes 12.4 comes with a redesigned interface for the software.

As seen in the earlier report, iTunes 12.4 brings back a persistent sidebar to the app for more convenient navigation. The sidebar can be customized to show the content that users want to see, with users able to add to playlists listed on the sidebar by simply dragging songs to them.

iTunes 12.4 also features an enhanced Media Picker, which will make it easier for users to switch through the different types of media listed in the app, including music, movies and TV programs. Like the sidebar, the Media Picker can be customized to only show what the user wants to see.

Apple has also made the menus look simpler, and have added back and forward buttons to provide users with additional convenience when browsing through their local libraries or the online stores and services of Apple.

Visual updates may not be the only thing that Apple included in iTunes 12.4, as the company is expected to have fulfilled its promise of applying a fix for a bug that deleted the music files of users. Apple promised that a fix would be coming in the next update of the app, with the problem said to be either Apple Music or a database problem in the previous iteration of iTunes.

The release of iTunes 12.4 is accompanied by OS X 10.11.5, which is a maintenance update for Apple's OS X El Capitan. There is not much detail regarding the update though, with the company only stating that it contains bug fixes, improvements on performance and the elimination of certain vulnerabilities.

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