To make it a bit easier to stay organized, Snips launched a free iOS app on May 17 that is being marketed as a way to "extend your memory."

Based on artificial intelligence, Snips can memorize your contacts, calendar and location, conveniently storing them in one place. The app also guarantees to keep all of this personal data private, meaning no one except you will see it.

In the most basic sense, Snips works off of Artificial Memory, which is meant to gain a "deep understanding" of your life. The idea is to give it enough personal data to complete large-scale complex tasks. Snips is designed to act as "an extension" of yourself over time. 

"It could become ubiquitous, learning to imitate how we use technology in different contexts," Snips writes on its website. "Technology could disappear into the background, giving us the sensation of being unplugged."

Rand Hindi, Mael Primet and Michael Fester are the co-founders of Snips. It initially started as a research lab in 2013 that was focused on machine-learning and building new interfaces between computers and people. The Snips AI was built out of the realization that new bots, apps and devices continue to add complexity to our daily lives. 

"Our goal is to build an AI that can take care of technology for us," reads the App Store description. "We want Snips to be able to answer any question we might have, do anything we ask it to, and automate our connected devices."

Eventually, improvements will be made to Snips to allow it to act more like a digital butler. For example, the app will eventually allow users to use their natural voice to direct Snips (think Cortana or Siri). As more devices become connected, Snips may one day be able to pick up on how users utilize their tech and automate them for convenience.

If you're the type of person who likes to have ultimate control over multiple gadgets, Snips may not be for you. For everyone else, this could be the app we've been waiting for to simplify the world we live in, dominated by the Internet of Things.

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