The Cyberdemon has always been an iconic part of Doom. Save for the Super Shotgun or the Marine himself, one could argue that the Cyberdemon is the series' mascot — at this point, it just wouldn't be a Doom game if players didn't have to go up against a 15-foot-tall demon with a rocket launcher for an arm.

Id Software's Doom reboot is no different — not only was the Cyberdemon the focus of the game's debut teaser, but he's made several appearances throughout Doom's pre-launch marketing campaign. Gamers knew they'd be going toe-to-toe with the Cyberdemon at some point — it was only a matter of time. Sure enough, players will find the Cyberdemon waiting for them immediately before their second trip into Hell.

As Doom's first major boss, many players would likely expect the Cyberdemon to be a nearly-insurmountable foe ... but truth be told, the fight isn't all that tough.

That's not to say that the Cyberdemon is a pushover: if you get caught by even one of his attacks, you could be in serious trouble. Then again, most of his attacks are relatively easy to dodge, and getting in enough damage will reward players with plenty of health pickups. Long story short, as long as you know what his attacks are, you shouldn't have any trouble with him.

Ideally, you'll want to use your long-range weapons during the fight. The Gauss Cannon is a great place to start, as is the Plasma Rifle or Chaingun. Basically, anything that keeps you out of the Cyberdemon's melee range is perfect for this fight. The BFG 9000 can come in handy if you need to stun him, but don't rely on it too much — you only get three shots at max ammo, and it's typically more effective at wiping out groups of enemies.

Even during the second phase of the fight (after both of you are transported to Hell), the Cyberdemon shouldn't give you too much trouble. Simply learn his attacks and dodge accordingly — which, again, shouldn't be all that difficult. The Cyberdemon's rock walls can be disorienting at first, but that's his only real trump card — just keep laying into him, and the Cyberdemon will be dead in no time.

Of course, the Cyberdemon is only the first boss fight of the newest Doom — for more on Id Software's latest, make sure to check out our in-depth coverage hub.

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