In September 2014, it was reported that a movie based on the classic video game Tetris will be made, with the Tetris Company teaming up with Threshold Entertainment to transform the block-shifting puzzle into an epic science fiction movie.

Almost two years after, surprisingly, the idea has not been shot down. In fact, plans for a Tetris movie have actually expanded.

The Tetris movie is now the Tetris trilogy, with three movies being planned for the video game. The movies will be made under a partnership between Larry Kasanoff, producer and the CEO for Threshold Entertainment, which adapted the Mortal Kombat franchise into movies back in 1995 and 1997, and Chinese media businessman Bruno Wu, using his Seven Star Works production company.

The partnership between Kasanoff and Wu created a new company, Threshold Global Studios, and filming is being planned to start next year in China with Chinese cast. The project will draw an investment of about $80 million, and will launch a trilogy focused on the video game.

Kasanoff described the Tetris movie as an epic science fiction thriller, which could be difficult to imagine at first while thinking of colorful blocks that disappear when they form a line. The movie has also not been offered for marketing and distribution to a Hollywood studio, which means that the project will be made without securing a distribution partner for the United States first. The $80 million earmarked for the project might also not be enough, which makes the announcement of the Tetris trilogy more of an invitation from investors.

There are still many details of the Tetris trilogy left unknown, such as the planned director, the cast members, the availability of financing, the script, and many more. Kasanoff, however, believes that everything will come together for the project, perhaps similarly to how the blocks all fall into place for the video game.

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