The Automatron and Wasteland Workshop DLC packs weren't necessarily bad, but they didn't really add all that much to the Fallout 4 experience. Automatron featured a great questline and a fun new robot-building mechanic, but there wasn't much in the way of genuinely new content — Wasteland Workshop, on the other hand, felt like a misguided set of features that fans weren't really looking for in the first place.

Far Harbor, however, represents the first true expansion for Fallout 4. Not only is there a massive new landmass for players to explore, but it comes chock-full of new characters, questlines and enemies to discover and/or blow into tiny pieces.

Of course, as with any good Fallout expansion, Far Harbor also features a brand new arsenal of weapons and armor. Bethesda has promised that these are some of the most powerful items in the game — and given that one of the new guns is basically a harpoon cannon, we're inclined to believe them.


With the DLC expansion set to release tomorrow, YouTuber TheGamerPlug has assembled a full list of every new armor set, paint job and weapon into a series of three separate videos. If you want to go in blind, bookmark this page and come back after you've found everything!

While the new armor looks great and the paint jobs are a nice touch, the weapons are what really steal the show. The return of the Lever-Action Rifle should make fans of Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC happy, and the Radium Rifle looks like a great complement to the Plasma and Laser Rifles. Really, though, it looks like Far Harbor will be a race to use the Harpoon Gun — who wouldn't want to spear Feral Ghouls with a giant wooden stake?

The biggest surprise are the Meat Hook and Pole Hook melee weapons. There are plenty of players who skip over melee combat altogether, but using one of those may be enough to covert some long-range shooters over to close-range combat.

With any luck, this latest expansion will be the DLC for which Fallout fans have been hoping. Thankfully, it won't be long before we find out if it'll live up to the hype: Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC is due out on May 19.

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