The Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor is now available, and that means settlers everywhere can now grab the "largest landmass for an add-on."

As expected, it's full of new stuff and a vast location to explore. To be exact, it's loaded with new creatures, weapons, armor, puzzles, perks and crafting options.

"We looked at our base creatures and made some new ones inspired by the new location that are higher level and even more messed up because of all the radiation," Matt Carofano, art director at Bethesda Softworks, says.

Some of the new gears that's worth mentioning include the fishhook and meat hook melee weapons, a harpoon gun and the Marine Armor, which is now the "highest tier armor in the game."

On an interesting note, Far Harbor is based on a real-life town called Bar Harbor in Maine, and so the settlers are set in a small fishing town that's in the middle of a feral environment.

Now, players will come across the conflict between the Synths, Children of Atom and the townspeople, and it's at their discretion whether they're going to make matters worse or straighten things out and bring the groups into more peaceful terms with each other.

They'll also meet a new companion who goes by the name of Old Longfellow, but most of them who play Fallout Shelter probably knows who he is pretty well by now, as he came a-knockin' at their vaults' doors in the mobile game as a Legendary Dweller.

As mentioned earlier, Far Harbor is already official, and players can nab the Fallout 4 DLC for $24.99 via Steam, the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store or $49.99 as part of the season pass.

Have you already gotten your hands on the massive content pack? If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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