The first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units are making their way to the hands of their excited owners as Apple released its pair of new iPhones on Sept. 19. And while most of these buyers would keep their expensive gadgets safe, a few of these brand new iPhone owners are dropping their smartphones to the ground on purpose and, for one unfortunate guy, otherwise.

Jack, Perth's first buyer of iPhone 6, seemed nervous during an interview with the local morning television news program. In the video below, Jack is seen having difficulty opening the white rectangular box when his new iPhone 6 flew right out of the box and slammed onto the floor, to the shock of the reporter and the many iPhone fans that have gathered around Jack eager to get a glimpse of what the new phone looked like.

"All good, all good," he struggles to convince the reporter, the crowd and mostly himself, as he seems preoccupied with some screen damage and rubs the screen with his finger.

Meanwhile, David Rahimi of PhoneBuff was able to get a new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Australia and decided to conduct a series of drop tests on the new phones. Unlike Jack, Rahimi bought these phones exactly for the purpose of dropping them to see how they would fare after dropping them on their back, side and, ultimately, front from a few feet in the air.

The smaller iPhone 6 fared a little better than its bigger brother, suffering only a few scuffs and scratches when it was dropped on its side and back. The iPhone 6 Plus also managed to acquire a few, almost unnoticeable marks when dropped on the back, but the shocker, at least for those not used to buying expensive iPhones just to drop them on purpose, came when the lower left corner of the bigger iPhone screen shattered and the screen started to come apart.

"Whoa! That is not good news," exclaims Rahimi, although testing to see if the iPhone 6 Plus still turned on after receiving quite a shock brought a bit of consolation.

The smaller iPhone 6 suffered a similar fate when dropped on its face, but the display still turned on and Rahimi said the iPhone was still fully functional. When dropped on its face, the already damaged iPhone 6 Plus sustained a few more breaks.

For those who wouldn't want to shatter their brand new iPhones, it is recommended that they purchase Apple's $99 AppleCare+ warranty to insure their phones against accidental damage, theft and loss.

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