Tex May Be The Most Secure - And Annoying - Messaging App Ever: Here's Why


To make sure our messages, photos shared and files sent are safe from the eyes of hackers, using a securing messaging app is a must. And we just might have found the most secure messaging app that is available - the only downside is that it will probably be the most annoying app to ever exist for other users.

Developed by Polka Lab, Tex has everything we want in a secure messaging app. Not only are all messages fully encrypted, but they also disappear Snapchat-style once they are read. Also like Snapchat, when someone takes a screenshot in the app, the user who sent the message is notified.

But unlike Snapchat, Tex focuses more on exactly what its name says: text. While there is the option to also send photos and videos, the app allows users to communicate in one-on-one and group messages privately.

And this is where the really annoying part comes in. Users are able to create a fake name, which pretty much means Tex will be the prank calling of text messaging.

Contacts won't know who the user is and with the messages disappearing, they will have no proof that whoever messaged them did so at all. We can already predict lots of situations where this can go wrong, like when snooping on a boyfriend to see if he's cheating (or would cheat), or confusing poor older family members with random messages.

Users can change their fake name at any time so they can embody many different people with just a few taps. When a user gets a message from someone who is using a fake name, the text will appear with a grey background. The text from those who are on the user's contact list will appear in red.

Those who get too annoyed with mystery people contacting them can ask the person writing them to send their Identity Verification, which will appear for 3 seconds so that users can know exactly who they are talking to. This is the only time users will really know who the other person is.

Once Tex is downloaded, users are asked to sign in with their phone number and set a fake name. Users will have to first add contacts to the platform via invitation.

They can also add contacts to the app and dial their numbers if they don't want them saved in their phone's address book.

Tex is available for download for free for iOS.

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