There is nothing more gratifying than getting recognition for your creativity. When it comes to Instagram, you probably love that one aesthetically-creative photo you took that earned hundreds of likes.

Since the great eyes of the social media app think your shot was cool, why not show it off to the rest of the world?

You can do this by wearing your favorite Instagram photo on a T-shirt thanks to the printing platform called Blank.

Think of this platform as the more modern version of going into those printing T-shirt shops down at the shore or in the mall. Instead of putting some generic saying or popular characters on your shirt, you can customize the piece of clothing to display something that is more creative or meaningful to you. This includes that cool vacation photo of surfers catching a wave or that family portrait to wear at the annual reunion.


Blank's platform allows users to upload a photo from either Instagram or Facebook or from your computer to be printed on either the front or back of the shirt. The customer can edit the photo to look how they want it, such as by adding a filter. The company uses a custom dye sublimation process so that the image looks professionally done.

Customers have the option of having their photo printed on a white T-shirt or tank top from American Apparel and that is 100 percent polyester. It costs $30 to have your fave Instagram photo printed on one side on a T-shirt, and $40 for double-sided printing. Tank tops will run you $25 for one side and $35 for double-sided printing. A shipping fee will also be included, but Blank ships the shirts worldwide. It takes one to two weeks for the shirt to be delivered in the U.S.

Those who think that sporting a shirt with their face or favorite image on it is a bit too much can opt to design their own smartphone case. Just like the T-shirts, Blank allows customers to upload a photo from their computer or link to your Instagram or Facebook account to have it printed on a case.

The photo is UV-printed on a clear, matte polycarbonate plastic case, but this option is only available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus models. The customized cases retail for $20.

While the shirts allow everyday Instagram users to show off their photography skills on their chest, Blank can also be beneficial for brands, small business and even popular Instagram accounts. The shirts can be used as stylish advertisement.

Start printing your own Instagram photos — who knows, maybe you will even get more likes when people stop and ask you about your cool shirt.

Source: American Genius

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