OnePlus recently announced that it is trimming prices for all its smartphones, right before the release of the OnePlus 3 flagship.

The company announced that the price cut aims to provide a great experience for all its customers, but it seems to differ from market to market. For the OnePlus fans in the United States, the deal is hard to say no to, as the price tag of the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X, and the OnePlus One is down by $50.

Specifically, the 64 GB version of OnePlus 2 dropped from $349 to $299, the OnePlus One asks you to shell out $249 after the rebate, while the OnePlus X sits at a little under $200, with a price tag of $199 post-trimming.

The OEM brings even more good news.

Customers who purchased a OnePlus phone in the past 14 days are also eligible for the refund from the recent discount. Simply contact your local OnePlus support to see how you can get your money back.

The offer might sound like a marketing stunt to put focus on the launch of the upcoming OnePlus 3, but it is good to see the company being generous to its customers.

It should be mentioned that the OnePlus devices are commended as having technical specs that bring good bang for the buck. The next generation flagship is expected to pack exciting specs as well.

"The OnePlus 3 will be fully revealed on June 14th through our VR launch experience but you can still watch it without a headset," a representative from OnePlus says.

By cutting the prices of existing phones by a significant margin, OnePlus makes sure that the stock is depleted and space for the OnePlus 3 is created.

Prior to the launch, the OEM gave away no less than 30,000 Loop VR headsets. The gadget, which the company built in cooperation with AntVR, allows fans to watch the unveiling of the latest phone in a virtual reality shop. The move was so popular that the VR headsets went out of stock in a very short time, proving that the techies' interest in virtual reality gimmicks is ever increasing.

Do you consider buying the OnePlus 2, OnePlus One or OnePlus X with the offer? Or will you muster the patience needed to wait for the OnePlus 3 handset to reach stores?

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