If you're a frequent traveler looking for a way to take your much-loved shows and movies on your trip, then this news will certainly put a smile on your face: Satellite service provider Dish Network commenced rolling out its super-portable HopperGO, which allows customers to take their DVR recordings on the road.

Dish shared this good news via a press release published on May 26.

"HopperGO is the perfect summer travel companion for nearly anyone, whether you're road tripping, at the airport or lounging on a beach," said the company's chief technology officer and executive vice president Vivek Khemka. "It manages the burden of storage, so forget about deleting apps or pictures to free up space on your phone or tablet for video."

What To Expect From HopperGO

This mobile video drive is offered to Dish subscribers for a $99 price tag, not subject to monthly charges, so users need not worry about paying for a monthly bill to use it.

HopperGO comes with a 64 GB storage that can take 100 hours of DVR recordings for users to enjoy while on vacation.

Dish explains that this device has the capacity to create its very own private wireless cloud that can support streaming of various shows or movies on up to five Android and iOS smartphones and tablets at once.

The downside of this new device, though, is its short battery life. The company says that owners can only use HopperGO for four hours on a single charge. However, this should still allow them to watch a few show episodes or around two movies. It is worth mentioning that this device can also be used while charging.

On top of that, users do not need to connect to the Internet to watch their videos.

This video drive is particularly deemed beneficial for parents who have many children, as this can entertain the kids during long car rides.

Back in January, Dish already unwrapped HopperGO alongside the 16-tuner, 4K DVR named Hopper 3, which enables users to view four shows simultaneously.

Now that HopperGO has already hit the market, do you have a plan to snag one? Let us know what you think.

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