Hot on the heels of the official launching of multiplayer shooter Overwatch, Blizzard has recently explained how the video game's Play of the Game mechanic operates. It also promised to further beef up the said feature in an effort to provide a more refined user experience.

Gamespot interviewed Lead Software Engineer Rowan Hamilton in a bid to know more about how the game picks PoTG moments.

Hamilton admits that it is indeed tricky for the team's computers to determine the moments that are deemed "cool" within the game.

"We constantly look at Play of the Game, and we've got a whole bunch of data on Play of the Games are actually happening out there in the wild, and we can kind of see patterns about this character getting a lot of PoTG for these killstreaks," said Hamilton. "[T]hey're getting a lot of damage, or they're getting a Play of the Game for that."

He also went on to say that Blizzard has quite a few internal systems in which the engineers can play with the algorithm that captures the PoTG.

Hamilton noted that the team is not yet done with the system, as it still looks into enhancements on the process.

Gamespot also asked the Blizzard engineer with regard to what makes the team busy now that Overwatch is at long last released.

Hamilton said that his team is presently keeping an eye on "competitive ranked," as it thinks that this one is significant to the game. Furthermore, it is closely monitoring the overall performance of Overwatch.

"It seems pretty stable at the moment," he said.

How The Play Of The Game Mechanic Originated

The engineer was also asked why Blizzard decided to pack this nifty feature into the title.

The idea, according to Hamilton, is to catch the game's unusual moments that "slipped by." He further said that Blizzard wanted to give gamers a sneak peek of a really "cool moment" toward the end of the game so they can talk about it later on with their pals.

In related Overwatch news, Tech Times earlier reported that the Competitive Play Mode will be available this coming June in the game's first update.

We also previously published an ultimate guide to the game's characters to help gamers. All in all, the game has 21 different heroes to pick from, such as Soldier: 76, Reaper, Bastion and more.

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