Android smartphone users who own the Microsoft Band 2 will be pleased to learn that the Redmond-based company has pushed out an update for the Microsoft Health app, which brings support for Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant.

Even though the Microsoft Band 2 can pair with compatible Android smartphones with ease, the Cortana support was only available for Windows Phone users. Thanks to Microsoft pushing out the firmware update on Thursday, June 2, Android users of the Band 2 now finally benefit from Cortana integration as well.

"Cortana is now available on Android - With Cortana on your Band, you can access your personal assistant for instant notifications of important events, communications, and voice-active info without reaching for your phone. Speak into the mic on your Band to Cortana to take actions for you, get facts, and more," notes Microsoft.

The firmware update not only lets Android users of the Microsoft Band 2 dole out commands to Cortana via the mic - negating the need to physically touch the handset - it also brings bug fixes.

The update to the Health app also brings the zoned heart rate tracking feature. Basically, this feature will let the Heart Rate counter automatically alter its colors based on the level the Band 2 user reaches.

Android users of the Microsoft Band 2 in the U.S. — since the app's availability is limited — will also be able to connect and contest with their mates. They can also generate challenges for runs, cardio score, bike rides, steps etc. between their Facebook friends and themselves, if the former use the Microsoft Health app.

To get Cortana support on their Microsoft Band 2, Android users are required to download the Cortana app for Android from the Play Store. Install the app and ensure the app notification services are on. Since the app is installed on the Android smartphone, one needs to turn the tile "on" on the Band 2 — it is now switched on by default.

Make sure your Band 2 is synced with the Android smartphone. You need to use the Microsoft Health app for Android to sync the two devices. Once the Cortana app has been installed on your smartphone, switch it on in the Health app. To do so follow these steps:

1. Tap on the Menu icon > Manage Tiles

2. Toggle Cortana "On"

You are now good to go and can use Cortana to give instructions!

Photo: iphonedigital | Flickr

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