A bakery in Minnesota has recalled its meat pie products after they were not properly inspected and labeled accordingly by regulators.

Solomon Snacks and Bakery of New Brighton announced that it is pulling 873 pounds of its chicken, beef and turkey meat pies from retail stores as they were not able to go through the standard inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Agriculture Department also revealed that the product labels on the pies did not specify that they were made with wheat, milk and eggs, which are considered to be allergens.

Products affected by the recall include 5-ounce packages of Solomon Snacks and Bakery Meat Pie Chicken, Solomon Snacks and Bakery Meat Pie Turkey and Solomon Snacks and Bakery Meat Pie Beef, all of which were produced between February and May this year.

Solomon is also pulling out 5-ounce frozen meat pie products packaged in unlabeled Styrofoam boxes with wax paper.

The recalled meat pie products were not given an inspection mark by the USDA before they were delivered to stores in Minnesota and Illinois. Those that were distributed to retailers in Illinois were packaged in Styrofoam boxes, which do not have labeling on them.

Despite the recall, there are currently no reports regarding any illness related to the affected products, according to the USDA.

Customers who have bought any of the recalled products are advised not to eat them. These meat pies should be thrown away or returned to the store from where they were purchased.

Clif Bar & Company, makers of organic energy bars, has also recently issued a recall of its products after its supplier reported of a possible Listeria contamination related to sunflower kernels, which are included in their products as an ingredient.

Last week, General Mills voluntarily pulled 10 million pounds of its flour from retailers. The flour is believed to be linked to a possible E.coli contamination, which has sickened as many as 38 people in 20 different states dating back to December 2015.

Some of the flour products affected by General Mills' recall include Wondra flour, Gold Medal flour and Signature Kitchens flour, which are sold at Albertsons, Jewel, Safeway, Shaws, Vons and United, Acme and Randalls.

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