Exciting news for players patiently waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn's delayed launch — the details of the game's Collector's Edition has been released to the public.

Avid collectors of physical game items will be glad to know that a 9-inch Aloy statue, sculpted by the talented creators back at Gentle Giant, will be included in the Collector's Edition, along with a 48-page art book, "The Art of Horizon New Dawn," a voucher for an exclusive PS4 Theme and a steelbook containing the game's physical disk.

In-game items included in this edition will offer additional weapon and armor slots, game-enhancing stats and customizable equipment for Horizon Zero Dawn's main protagonist, Aloy, giving her an early advantage within the game's harsh world of survival. These items are as follows.

• Carja Trader Pack: Rare and precious Machine parts are always in demand on the metal markets of the Carja Sundom.

• Carja Storm Ranger Armor: Fashioned by the proud, ceremonial Carja tribe, this special armor has been crafted with an eye for showy appearance. It has an extra mod slot for players to adjust the equipment according to their play style.

• Carja Striker Bow: The Carja defend their great Sundom with stone fortifications and military might. This finely made bow, fit for a captain's hand, puts additional stopping power behind every arrow fired. It can be further modified to increase damage or range.

• Banuk Trailblazer Armor: A sturdy outfit made by the nomadic Banuk tribe, hunters and shamans from the harsh northern territories. It has an extra mod slot for players to adjust the equipment according to their play style.

• Banuk Culling Bow: The Banuk claim a spiritual understanding of the Machines and put their harvests of Machine parts to many uses. It can be modified to either add damage to components or have a greater impact on enemies.

• Banuk Traveller Pack: Though rarely encountered, Banuk explorers have left their intricate tribal marks across the breadth of the known world. This allows fast and safer travels between locations and also has ammunition crafting resources.

• Nora Keeper Pack: The Nora are extraordinarily skilled and inventive at using machine components in their own devices. This pack has additional crafting resources that provide materials for mines and traps.

The Collector's Edition is now available for preorders on Amazon and will be released during the game's official launch date on February 28, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerilla Game's first role-playing game (RPG) after its successful first-person shooter (FPS) series, Killzone. The game features the combination of prehistoric and advanced technology elements with a focus on survival gameplay.

Speculations about the game's delay is centered around the arrival of PS4.5 or PS Neo this September. PS Neo will supposedly have better capabilities than the current PS4 console, upgrading the current gen in terms of GPU, memory and adding 4K support.

Horizon Zero Dawn's gameplay trailer can be viewed below:

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