Nordic Games sure has been showing up a lot in the news recently.

The company, which many would be unlikely to know even existed, made headlines earlier this week, when Executive Producer Reinhard Pollice revealed that the development team is looking at several options at reviving the Destroy All Humans franchise. Now, the company is there once again after it was revealed that the team is working on a Wii U release.

The news, once again, came straight from Pollice on Twitter, stating that Nordic has a new game in the works for the Wii U — a confirmation that came as a response to a question about whether the company had any new games coming to the console after The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

With that announcement in mind, what could the game possibly be? Previously, Nordic Games has worked on the Darksiders, Red Faction and Legend of Kay series. Furthermore, it has a history with Wii U titles, most recently bringing the aforementioned The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

In addition, it's nearly guaranteed to not be ELEX, AquaNox: Deep Descent, SpellForce 3, Battle Chasers: Nightwar or The Guild 3. This isn't just because of their genres (though that's certainly a big part of it), but also because the games have already been announced. It wouldn't make much sense for Pollice to make a reference to the alleged Wii U game and not reveal its name, if it's a game whose title we already knew.

Therefore, the only option that fits the criteria of being a Nordic Games IP, as well as an action-adventure game, is Darksiders. More specifically, the original Darksiders. The reason for this is that Darksiders II is already on the Wii U (note the above point) and Nordic has been pushing that release in promotions since it took over the IP, even going so far as to feature it in a recent eShop Humble Bundle. In that case, it would presumably make sense for Nordic Games to release a port of Darksiders in order to let fans have a chance to catch up with the series.

Of course, while a Darksiders re-release seems the most likely, there's always the possibility of Nordic coming out with a brand new IP. As mentioned before, the company does have a history with Wii U titles, so it wouldn't be entirely out of reason to expect something brand new. In reality, the only thing that makes it unlikely is that the timing would be odd. With the NX coming out in March, it wouldn't make much sense for third-party developers to put too much effort into coming out with new titles for the Wii U.

Nordic Games has already confirmed it will be showing up at E3, so maybe fans will learn about what it has in store when Nordic makes its announcements.

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