Lenovo Shows Off A Pair Of Smart Shoes: Here's What They Can Do


Smartwatches or fitness trackers will soon be a thing of the past as Lenovo showcased a pair of smart running shoes that come with features found in such devices during the Tech World Show held in San Francisco on June 9.

While the list of specs for this wearable device was not revealed during the show, it is said that Lenovo built the shoes in partnership with outsole maker Vibram. Moreover, these pair of intelligent shoes run on an Intel Curie chip.

What They Can Do

Here is a run-through of what these smart shoes have to offer to wearers.

1. Fitness data collection — Lenovo smart shoes are not only for walking, but they also monitor users' health as well. Their 3D scanner, which is found in the insole, checks the users' health. Such a scanner can track body fat percentage, amount of sweat during workout and weight. In spite of these neat features, the pair still looks like ordinary sneakers that any wearer is proud to use.

2. Act as a mobile game controller — To go with the popularity of mobile gaming, Lenovo equipped its smart shoes with the ability to control mobile games. With the help of these shoes, players can use their feet to move left and right, jump and perform a multitude of in-game actions. Possible future applications are augmented reality and virtual reality games, sports games along with dance games.

3. These shoes light up along the bottom — The LED lights that can be found at the bottom of the shoes make running at night suitable. These lights are said to interact with music.

Lenovo did not go into details during the event as to what materials it used in creating the smart running shoes and whether these can be paired with a smartphones or not. Furthermore, no price or release date was mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the shoes the company showcased during the Tech World Show are only a prototype. What this means is that there is a great possibility that the final model the firm will soon release to the public may not be the same as the one it recently introduced.

In January, Tech Times reported that Under Armour also unveiled its smart sneakers dubbed SpeedForm Gemini 2. These shoes are targeted at those who wish to track their fitness without having to wear a wristband monitor. They are also fitted with a computer chip that measures the wearer's distance traveled, stride length and pace. These also check out the amount of calories they burned.

Any plans to snag a pair of Lenovo's smart shoes as soon it comes out of the prototype stage? Let us know your thoughts about this Lenovo's new wearable device.

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