Apple will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference from June 13 to June 17 in San Francisco, California.

Tickets for the event were distributed through a lottery system, and cost $1,599 each. Fortunately, for those interested in the event but won't be able to go, there are a few ways to watch WWDC 2016 through their computers or mobile devices.

How To Watch WWDC 2016

The first method is through the Apple TV, which presents probably the most convenient way to watch the event. Apple has launched a WWDC Live app on the main screen of the Apple TV, and users can simply click on the app to access the live stream of the event.

For users on desktop computers, they can access the official event website to watch the live streams of sessions. Apple will also be posting videos of all the sessions throughout the event, so users can simply select the sessions they want to watch in their free time. For Mac users with OS X 10.8.5 or later, they can watch the event through the Safari browser, and for Windows 10 users, they can do so through Microsoft's Edge browser. The live stream could not be viewed by any other software.

For users who want to watch on their mobile device, they need to have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 7.0 or higher. Watching the event is similar to how the live stream is accessed on desktop computers, and that is to access the official WWDC 2016 website.

These are the official ways. However, there is one other method to watch the live stream, and it will also give access to users of Android devices and on non-Windows 10 computers. The method entails downloading the VLC video player for Android or Windows and then opening the network stream through the URL that Apple will use for the event.

What To Expect At WWDC 2016

With the knowledge on how to watch the event at hand, what then can viewers expect from Apple's annual event?

Apple is expected to release a preview of the company's mobile operating system, iOS 10, at WWDC 2016. Among the rumored improvements the new operating system will introduce include the ability to hide apps on the device's home screen, added functionality for the Photos app, visual updates to Apple Music and improvements to Apple Pay.

In connection with iOS 10, Apple is also said to be introducing a Siri SDK that will allow developers to integrate Apple's digital assistant into their apps.

Apple is also said to be releasing its new operating system for its Mac computers, with the name of the software to be changed from OS X to Mac OS. One rumor says Siri will also be coming to the Mac OS, a move that could change the dynamics of Apple's ecosystem.

The company could also be unveiling new versions of the operating systems for the Apple TV and the Apple Watch, and it would be a safe bet to think that both of them will also be adding Siri functionality.

Apple has also previously signaled changes coming to the App Store, and rumors are claiming that iMessage for Android will also be unveiled at the event.

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