Bethesda announced that it has joined forces with Microsoft and Sony in increasing the Fallout 4 Mods storage limits on Xbox One and, yes, on PlayStation 4.

Fallout 4 Mods are still expected to arrive on PS4 probably later within this month, but enhancements are already being baked.

"We are working with Microsoft and Sony to increase the Storage Limits on consoles," says Bethesda in its Fallout 4 Mods summer roadmap.

In case you are not aware, Bethesda previously set a limit on the number of Mods gamers can have on Xbox One. At the moment, they can only download up to 2 GB of Mods on the console.

But, that's not all the studio is throwing in to improve the gaming experience and to lure in more players in trying out the title. Here is a rundown of what else is new:

Upload A Mod For Different Platforms At A Time

Bethesda explains in its post that rather than managing three mod detail pages for every platform, players will have one location for a Mod. This location will determine the platforms that the Mod supports.

Beefed-Up User Interface

Players will also be treated with an enhanced UI for Mods, in-game and on the website. The goal is to enable users to discover more Mods seamlessly and, at the same time, help new Mods become more popular to players of the game.

Enhanced Comments

The studio also beefed-up comments on Mod detail pages. Users will soon see a bevy of new features like "report a comment," "reply to comment," "like a comment" and, soon, they will possibly see "flag a comment." Bethesda thinks that these new functionalities will certainly be a boon to many Moddlers out there in order to solicit comments on their Mods.

Access To Mod Statistics

Moddlers may also be delighted to know that they will soon have access to their stats so they can check out how well their Mods are doing.

Tweaked Mod Reporting

To give the studio's Moderation team a better way to assess a few issues, Bethesda also says that a revision on Mod reporting is also in the works.

Flag Mods As Work In Progress

Moddlers can soon mark their Mods as Work In Progress (WIP) so these will be isolated to a WIP filter. They can then remove this flag once they have carried out updates for their Mods.

Other improvements that are under way include:

– Added security for Mod uploads to;
– Customizable version naming;
– Capacity to upload more images every Mod;
– Ability to flag dependencies for Mods; and
– Tweaks for live services.

You may want to read the guidelines for uploading Mods on

In the meantime, if you have not heard yet, Bethesda has recently put up the Fallout 4 Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack available to preorder on its online store.

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