Now that Fallout 4 on the Xbox One finally has official mod support, all that's left to do for settlers on the platform is to set everything up and start having fun.

With a running list that currently consists of more than 880 available mods, it's probably difficult to pick out which ones to try out first, particularly because of the 2 GB limit on the console. Well, have no fear, as here are a couple that'll likely provide an enjoyable experience, especially for first-time mod users.

Full Dialogue Interface

Don't you just hate it when you pick a shortened dialogue option and end up saying something you didn't want to say? Thanks to Cirosan's Full Dialogue Interface mod, that'll be a thing of the past.

With this installed, you can read your character's full response before giving it, making Fallout 4 more like Bethesda's previous games.


Just like most mods, Re-Growth started out on the PC, overrunning the wasteland with nature, but because of certain limitations on the Xbox One and the Bethesda website, the creator spiffyskytrooper couldn't upload the full version. However, what he refers to as the Flora version of the mod made it through and is up for grabs.

"This version of the mod will deliver mostly the same experience as the full version. For example, you'll get the [trees], flowers, grass and other flora-related textured, but you won't get overgrown buildings, mossy roads and vined walls. All in all, it's the perfect balance for consoles," the description reads.

Cheat Menu (Portable Holotape Menu)

Unlimited caps, ammos, crafting materials, Stimpaks, RadAways and more at your fingertips — what's not to like? As everyone can imagine, the Cheat Menu (Portable Holotape Menu) is one of the most popular mods to see the light of day, and it's all thanks to NexusAU.

Oh, and it's also coming to the PS4, which is "still on track" for June.

Other Mods To Look Forward To

Considering that PC mods are fairly easy to port to the Xbox One, there are a lot of them to keep an eye out for.

First example that comes to mind is the Quicksilver mod that will allow you to take down foes and whatnot in slo-mo.

The second one is Cascadia, a mod that's expected to be larger than the Far Harbor DLC — assuming that it can fit nicely in the 2 GB limit, that is.

What do you think of Fallout 4 on the Xbox One getting mod support? Let us know in the comments section below.

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