Galaxy Note 7: Specs, Release Date And Everything We Know So Far


Production is set for July with the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung becoming available on the shelves around August. With the release date so near, it's not surprising that the market is going crazy over this Samsung's hottest new offering.

But what exactly do we know about the Galaxy Note 7?

Galaxy Note 7 Specs

Here is a rundown of the specs and features to expect from the Galaxy Note 7:

• 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display
• 12-megapixel primary camera
• Corning Gorilla Glass 4
• Single SIM
• Stylus
• 1,440 x 2,560 pixels
• Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Iris Scanner
• Internal memory of up to 128 GB
• External memory can handle up to 256 GB
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 Chipset
Non-removable Li-Po battery

Keep in mind, though, that the specifications above may not be 100 percent correct with the unit still not available in the market.

What gets a lot of people excited about the device is the rumored 7 GB RAM, which is a LOT for a handheld. Gaming PCs, a few years ago, typically had a RAM of 4 GB so imagine what it would be like to have 7 GB in a phablet. It seems like such a waste considering how you can't take full advantage of PC games through the phablet — but we are pretty sure game developers will catch up pretty soon.

The snapper is also something to write about with a phenomenal capturing capacity that makes you think: is this a new camera design? A point and shoot hardware beautifully complemented by the amazing colors and 2K pixels of the screen, rumor has it that you can pass off Galaxy Note 7 pictures as professional photos. Considering how a new iPhone is slated for release in the near future as well, this might be Samsung's way of getting ahead one of its chief rivals.

Samsung Focus

The Galaxy Note 7 is also expected to be the first Samsung smartphone to have the Samsung Focus app. It's basically a productivity app that allows users to manage their emails, tweets, messages and the like through one portal. If you are familiar with the BlackBerry Hub, we're guessing the Samsung Focus pretty much functions the same way by providing you a common dashboard to access everything.

Initial Release

It looks like Samsung is confident about its Galaxy Note 7 as the initial release is rumored to be for 5 million units. Samsung's last Note only had a production of the same number for one quarter, so an initial 5 million is a lot. However, if Samsung manages to deliver onto the rumors, then there is no question that people will be lining up to purchase and, in fact, 5 million units may not be enough.

The most obvious question comes to mind now: will it be affordable? Considering how the Galaxy Note 7 is essentially setting the stage for the next-generation of phablets, it's probably too much to hope that the unit will be average in cost. Be prepared for an above-average pricing, but at the same time, expect that this could be more than worth it.

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