Overwatch To Release Competitive Play This Summer: What We Know So Far


Overwatch game manager Jeff Kaplan previously said that Blizzard is putting almost as much work into the game's overhauled competitive mode as it did on the shooter's main game.

Competitive Play was included in Overwatch up until the beta version, when players gave feedback that the mode should go in a different direction. Blizzard is now testing the overhauled mode several times a day, with a Public Test Realm possibly on the way.

Kaplan has now released more details on what players can expect from Overwatch's Competitive Play in a developer update video.

Compared to the tier-based structure of the competitive mode in the beta version, which moved players up the ranks of Challenger, Advanced, Expert, Master and Heroic, the new Competitive Play will implement a new skill rating, which is presented as a number ranging from 1 to 100. The ratings of players will fluctuate, with the numbers to be shown after each competitive match relative to the other players.

The matchmaking rating of players will be related to their skill rating, which will be shown for all teammates and opponents before competitive matches begin. The average skill rating of each team will also be displayed, along with which players are in a party if there are any, so that players can see if the match set up is a fair one. Players who are underdogs in games, or those who have skill ratings lower than their opponents, will be able to gain more and lose less in the new competitive mode.

Other changes that will be applied to the overhauled Competitive Play include longer seasons, which will go from one month to around three months with a short two-week break to occur between the seasons, and fewer but more exciting overtime moments, more details on which will be revealed later.

Some maps, such as Temple of Anubis and Hanamura, will see changed Assault formats to make sure that there will be more back and forth between the opposing teams.

In addition to the gameplay changes, the new competitive mode will also offer gamers with cosmetic rewards, which will depend on their success. There will be certain player icons and sprays that will only be available for those who play competitively, along with "golden guns" that will make a player's weapons look much cooler and more intimidating.

Blizzard is looking to release Competitive Play for Overwatch this summer, with sometime within the month as a previously mentioned target.

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