In a previous report, we wrote that the supposed upcoming iPhone 7 will be disregarding its audio jack in exchange for a second speaker.

Recent leaks on the iPhone 7, however, reveal that such claims may not be the case as designs where a headphone jack is included have surfaced. Moreover, it seems like the company may be planning to include dual-sim features for later releases, a first for Apple.

Initially posted on Weibo by Rock Fix, a phone repair shop based in China, the photo leaks have circulated online, and a number of reports have said that these images may be designs for the upcoming iPhone 7.

One set of photos portrays components of the 4.7-inch variant where an audio jack is still in place - a welcome constant due to consequences that may arise if Apple does push through with jack-less models.

While Bluetooth connections and Lightning-based audio peripherals might be the alternate solution, these scenarios have been deemed less of an ideal compared to physically connected audio devices, as the former solutions are currently not up to par with the quality produced by the latter.

Sure, a Lightning connector is physically connected to the device but that means an added cable - which may or may not be shipped freely with the iPhone 7 - to your existing jumble of cable wires.

The growing popularity of Type-C USB ports has to be factored in as well, as these may affect the final product and call for a revamped Apple Lightning connector. A "time lag" is to be expected between the smartphone's release and a reliable recording solution.

The Apple iPhone 7 was expected to be revealed at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 to bring (sufficient) closure to the growing amount of rumors pertaining to its specs and design. However the event concluded without Apple leaving as much as a suggestion that it is working on a new iPhone model, or any new hardware for that matter.

Mostly software updates to its iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS - like new iMessage features and Siri's expansion - as well as the highly anticipated iOS 10 were the highlights of Apple's conference and sadly, nothing about upcoming device releases.

Still, Apple is bound to release a new phone model one way or another and we'll keep you posted on the latest rumored designs the Apple iPhone 7 may be carrying.

The leaked image tileset may be viewed below:

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

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