Half of the fun when playing a God of War game comes from seeing what crazy monsters the game will throw at you.

In that regard, Greek mythology made for absolutely perfect video game fodder, and the games were always throwing new grotesque foes at the players. The original God of War trilogy was basically a roller coaster ride covered in the viscera of gorgons and Minotaur, and it was fantastic.

That being said, Sony has made it clear that the new God of War will be changing things up. Following the events of the third game, there wasn't much in the way of Greek mythology left for Kratos to kill — as such, the former God of War will be butting heads with ancient Norse gods in his PlayStation 4 debut.

The God of War E3 2016 reveal trailer was a great way to show off Kratos' new setting. Not only did the video show off a more human side of our hero, but it quickly proved that the switch to Norse mythology was the right move. Looking back, Sony actually revealed quite a bit about Kratos' new world during their E3 press conference — but as it turns out, there were a few key secrets tucked away in the trailer that fans have only just unearthed.

The first find within the trailer could be a doozy: a floating, shadowy figure can be spotted lurking in the background while Kratos watches over his son. It's hard to spot and impossible to make out any real details, but a closer look reveals that the creature is humanoid (it's possible to make out some hands at its sides). The popular theory is that this is Loki, the God of Mischief, as he watches over Kratos — but with so many different horned creatures sprinkled throughout Norse mythology, it really could be anything.

A few minutes later, it's possible to catch a glimpse of a large, seemingly insectoid creature flying near the top of the frame. Much like the mysterious horned creature, there aren't enough details to make out exactly what it is — but as many Reddit users are theorizing, these flying creatures could potentially fill a similar role to that of the Grecian harpies of the original trilogy.

Finally, there's a huge secret tucked away at the end of the trailer — literally. When Kratos and his son look out over the valley below, there's a large patch of ice that seems to be moving slowly across the screen. However, if you look closely, this "ice patch" starts to look more and more like scales (it's far too uniform to be regular ice flow). For anyone who's ever researched Norse mythology, it could be the giant serpent Jormungandr. Again, there's simply not enough shown to know for sure, but how many giant mythical ice snakes could there possibly be?

Sure, the monsters of Norse mythology may not have the name recognition of the foes that Kratos has already murdered his way through, but judging from what Sony has shown so far, that may not matter much in the long run.

Sadly, it'll likely be quite some time before fans get to go hands-on with Kratos: Sony has yet to announce any sort of release window for God of War.

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