Remember how everyone thought that Zack Snyder's Justice League movie would consist of two parts?

Well, rethink that, because now, it seems that Justice League will only have one movie, or at least one that is directed by Snyder.

It's no secret that DC has made a lot of changes after the debacle that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only did fans begin petitioning the company to remove Snyder from any upcoming films, but there was also a big shake-up at Warner Bros. for all DC-related movies.

The company recently created a new DC Films division to oversee the live-action DC universe movies and put Jon Berg and Geoff Johns at its head. The company also retooled Suicide Squad and fired director Seth Grahame-Smith from The Flash for someone more experienced.

Now, Ain't It Cool News reports that things are changing for the Justice League movie, which Snyder will direct, with Ben Affleck as one of the film's executive producers. Once thought as a two-parter, it now seems that only one film is in the works. The site reports that Snyder stated that Justice League is a complete movie. However, although the director told Ain't It Cool News that there was a release date for a part two, producer Deborah Snyder gave conflicting information.

"We were only ever planning and we are only doing just Justice League," she said. "One movie."

The site followed up with: "So, not two parts?" Her answer was: "No."

It's interesting that the director and producer have two separate answers for that question, but it makes sense to consolidate Justice League into one movie and focus solely on that. With production under way, that means fans will get a tighter story, that will, hopefully, please fans more than Batman v Superman did.

DC also promises that Justice League won't have the same tone as previous movies, which should come as good news: that means the film should appeal to a broader base of fans.

"Justice League is much more inclusive," Deborah Snyder said to Screen Rant. "I think also you have like, it's all about the characters too. And we have these two very young characters, Flash and Cyborg. And you know, they're definitely lighter. I think they're going to appeal to a younger audience."

DC also has Suicide Squad coming out in August, as well as a standalone Wonder Woman film set to premiere next year.

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