'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Will Feature A New Type Of TIE Fighter (And Plenty Of Darth Vader)


Ever since the announcement of Rogue One, Star Wars fans have been wondering if a certain Sith lord by the name of Darth Vader would make an appearance. After all, the Death Star is kind of his operation, so it would make sense for the man formerly known as Anakin Skywalker to be featured in a film all about stealing the plans for said Death Star. 

Rumors for Rogue One have indicated as much, but now, via the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, fans have confirmation: Darth Vader will be in the film. Not only that, but it sounds as if he will have a relatively large role rather than a one-off appearance. Ben Mendehlson's Imperial officer character is said to be seeking approval of the Emperor, while also avoiding the wrath of the Emperor's black-masked enforcer.

Those aren't the only new details released. While previously mentioned by actor Mads Mikkelsen himself, fans now know with 100 percent confirmation that Mikkelsen's character is the father of protagonist Jyn Erso. He's also, apparently, a brilliant scientist whose work is being sought after by both the Empire and the Rebels.

On the cover of the magazine, fans can get a peek at the newest type of TIE Fighter, called a TIE Striker. This isn't the first new vehicle revealed to be in the film. While it's not all that different at first glance, the walkers in the film's teaser trailer are a new type of vehicle called an AT-ACT (short for All Terrain Armored Cargo Transports). There are also a number of new Stormtrooper types making an appearance in the film, including Shore Troopers and the appropriately grim-looking Death Troopers.

You can check out the EW cover below for a glimpse at the TIE Striker as well as the film's cast of Rebel heroes. 

Rogue One has recently been the subject of numerous rumors revolving around the film's currently-ongoing reshoots. While some sites report the reshoots are relatively normal for a film as large as one bearing the Star Wars name, other sites maintain that the film is reshooting nearly half the film due to Disney's displeasure with the final product. The truth of the matter is still muddled, but EW claims to be delivering details about the reshoots in its upcoming issue. Expect to hear more soon. 

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