Kids today are undeniably smart. They can easily understand technology at a very young age. And since children easily get bored, entertaining them is the key to pacifying them, without them throwing tantrums or running around.

One of the effective ways to keep children entertained is by letting them play using the tablet or smartphone, as kids know how to use and operate tablets and smartphones. With a wide array of apps out there, you must know which one is suitable for your child.

Here are some Android apps that are deemed child-friendly — ones that are not only entertaining but educational as well.

Alphabet Flashcards 

This Android app is an educational app that will surely help kids learn the alphabet with the use of flash cards. Using this app is a piece of cake. Your child only has to swipe through the letter flash cards. Then, your toddler needs to tap on a card to show a random word with a picture, whose name starts with that letter.

With this nifty app, your child can easily learn the pronunciation because the sound of each letter or word is clear. Kids will definitely be amused with more than 100 fun pictures that are randomized during the play to keep your child guessing.

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is an appealing gaming app that will make your child entertained for hours. It is about an alien named Om Nom who came to Earth. He is a candy-eater and your child needs to feed him. To do this, your little one needs to figure out what rope to cut and bubbles to pop so Om Nom can get the candy straight into his mouth.

Coloring Pages 

Coloring Pages is a good way for your child to express his or her inner Picasso. The makers of the app particularly designed it to cater to small kids. Each picture is painted very simply and can be used as a good tool for educating the kids, while entertaining them all at the same time. Less patient children can fill shapes with their easy-to-use color brush and other painting tools.

Puzzle Fun For Kids & Toddlers 

A puzzle game is one of the best ways to keep your child busy playing, while learning. The Puzzle Fun for Kids & Toddlers has 12 different puzzles that have pictures of animals. This app is developed for small children. Each level has photos of animals that they can easily recognize. As soon as a child finishes a puzzle, fun balloons will serve as a reward.

Subway Surfers

Among the most popular and best Android apps for kids is Subway Surfers.

“Help Jake, Tricky [and] Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog,” reads the description of the game on Google Play.

With the game’s colorful HD graphics, your kid will surely be entertained. This game is aimed at kids who really love action and adventure.

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