HTC Sense 8 UI Hitting Non-HTC Androids, Currently In Closed Beta


Select owners of non-HTC handsets can get their hands on the company's commended HTC Sense Home 8, as a closed beta is in full deployment.

A lot of HTC's apps from the Google Play Store are decoupled from the main OS, which means that the OEM can overhaul them without needing a complete system update. Another advantage lies in the fact that decoupled software can be tweaked to work on a wide assortment of phones, aside from HTC ones. One such app is HTC Zoe that permits users to capture and craft artistic short videos using a slew of Android devices.

Recently, HTC started sending invites to users to beta test the Sense Home 8.

The invitation emails, codenamed GOOGLE_PLAY_SENSE_GP, should start rolling on June 23 and will let non-HTC Android devices enjoy the full capabilities of the Sense Home 8. To be part of the closed beta, all you need is a compatible handset that runs on Android 4.4 or newer. Keep in mind that HTC will choose its own testers, so users will simply have to wait and see if they get hand-picked by the company.

Should you be part of the lucky bunch who is selected, an email from the company should reach you soon enough. Whether you choose to participate or not, we advise you to make a swift decision. This is because testers will receive the UI on a "First come, first serve" basis.

Keep in mind that Sense Home 8 is the latest, newest stock launcher that landed on the HTC 10 smartphone. Voices familiar with the matter noted that the stock launcher looks clean, clear and smooth, with intriguing new features.

One of the remarkable novelties is the "Freestyle layouts," which permits users to arrange app icons, stickers and widgets after their own liking on the home screens. This leads to an in-depth customized experience, making Sense 8 one of the (if not the most) highly customizable stock launchers on the market.

There is a strong possibility to see the HTC quick settings and settings layout take a leaf out of the layouts in the future.

Reddit users already started to report the Sense 8 invitation landing in their inboxes.

"I received an email this morning with the question if I would like to join this test on my S6. I accepted immediately, so now it is only waiting to see if I actually get it," says Redditor orangemic.

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