Need Help With Your Nexus Smartphone? Google Reportedly Building App For Live Support


The next time you need help with your Nexus smartphone it will be closer than you imagined! How? Google apparently has a new app in the works which will bring live support on Nexus devices.

News of the new app that will offer support for the Nexus tablets and smartphones comes courtesy of Android Police, which sites a reliable source who has been accurate in the past.

The app is allegedly called "Google Support" and is along the lines of Amazon's Mayday button. The new app will reportedly allow a Nexus device user to get live on-device support. So for instance if you wish to set up your new Nexus smartphone that you purchased online, instead of chatting with a support agent via the browser you will be able to simply share your screen. Such functionality will make the process seamless and hassle free all from the comfort of your couch at home!

Whether Google will stick to the Google Support name for the product or when the app will be launched is unclear owing to its "current dogfooding status." This means that there is a while to go before Google officially makes its new app for live on-device support mainstream.

A mock screenshot of the supposed Google Support app was also shared by the publication, but it disclaims that "it may not perfectly represent the final design of the app, and the app itself may change substantially in appearance or functionality before it launches."

The Google Support app is anticipated to make its debut on the new Nexus lineup of devices, which will launch this year. According to the publication, the app is likely not intended for non-Nexus devices as it would be logistically impractical.

A strong possibility exists that the Google Support app will be launched along Android N - the upcoming OS from Google - which will make its debut on Nexus devices before the year is out.

Apart from the ability to be able to share the screen with an agent, it is not known what other services Google Support app will offer. Possibly, live chat or video could be included to enhance the experience. It is not known if the support agent will have the ability to highlight things, draw or control the shared screen.

In the past, Google has suggested that it is looking to make the Nexus brand a priority in the near future. With the introduction of live on-device support features such as the alleged Google Support app, the company would be a step closer in heightening consumer interest in the brand.

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