Cyclops Helmet Lets You Shoot Fire From Your Eyes


As a member of the X-Men, Cyclops is a mutant whose eyes emit powerful beams of energy. Because of that, he must wear a visor over his face that allows him control over that power, which is often dangerous for anyone who falls into its path.

Electrical engineer Allen Pan decided to create a helmet that would turn him into Cyclops, allowing him to direct beams of fire directly from his eyes.

This is definitely something that no one should try at home: fire is bad and fire is dangerous and Pan is a professional.

The result, though, is impressive. Pan's creation allows him to "paint" a fiery "X" on a wall, as well as pop balloons with flames directed at them.

The helmet is fairly simple. It's a welding helmet attached with a fuel tank that has a pump, nozzles and pilot lights. A switch sends out a jet of flames from the helmet's eyes that can shoot out to around 10 feet.

Pan released a video showcasing his Cyclops helmet on YouTube. Again, please understand that this is not something anyone should try at home. An eye flamethrower is still probably a very bad idea, especially considering that Pan can't even see out of the helmet much to tell where the flames end up.

Pan previously teamed up with MythBusters' Grant Imahara to create weapons inspired by Captain America: Civil War. While Imahara tackled Iron Man's laser-emitting gauntlet, Pan designed Captain America's boomerang shield with the help of a drone attached to it.

Pan also designed a very cool replica of Thor's Mjolnir, which only allowed him to pick it up. That technology used electromagnets and fingerprint recognition to make sure that only the worthy could wield the mighty hammer (and in Pan's reality, he's worthy).

The Cyclops helmet, though, is probably the most dangerous thing Pan has come up with, although he also once created a lightsaber flamethrower, which comes in at a close second. The helmet, though, doesn't seem to have any safety features and there's a long list of scenarios where things could go wrong. So although this looks really cool, it's also probably a little stupid, too.

When it comes to shooting flaming things from eyeballs, it's probably best to just leave it to guys like Cyclops, who was most recently seen in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. This is, obviously, a job for one of the X-Men.

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