New 'Fallout 4' Patch Fixes Major 'Contraptions' DLC Issues On Consoles


Fallout fans are no strangers to patches and updates.

Bethesda games are almost always massive, but that size can make it awfully hard to squash any bugs or root out any glitches that could be lurking under the surface. It's almost tradition that new Bethesda releases will launch with a few hiccups — thankfully, the publisher is typically great about releasing fixes in a timely manner.

Take Fallout 4's most recent DLC pack, Contraptions: players have encountered everything from Legendary weapons being demoted to missing menu options. These glitches aren't necessarily game-breaking, but they can be a major annoyance — though, with the latest console patch on the way, they shouldn't be an issue for much longer.

Due out later this week, the 1.5.4 patch for consoles will fix most (if not all) of the DLC's current suite of issues. Not only that, but it's designed to help bolster mod support for consoles as well: players won't have to worry about oddities like false Load Orders for too much longer.

Again, it's nothing that Bethesda fans aren't used to — and with a game as complex and multi-layered as Fallout 4, it's understandable that a few glitches would make it through the cracks. At least there's a fix on the way, right?

The full patch notes are as follows:

New Features:

    • Increased space for Mod text on Mod details page for improved readability
    • Load Order menu now displays text about each Mod when highlighted
    • Most Popular filter now toggles between Daily, Weekly and All Time (defaults to Daily)
    • Reporting categories added when reporting a mod
    • Load Order menu displays options to Disable or Delete All Mods
    • Count of ratings now appears on Mod details page


    • General stability and performance improvements
    • Fixed issue with weapons and armor losing mods and Legendary status when removed from armor and weapon racks (Contraptions)
    • Improved stability when reinitializing with certain mods loaded
    • Mod menu will check available space before starting mod downloads
    • Fixed issue with certain mods not downloading properly
    • Fixed issue with certain mods not appearing properly in the Load Order menu

Known Issues:

    • The Add-Ons menu is erroneously displaying Vault Tec Workshop and Nuka-World as Available. We are working with Valve to resolve the issue.

There's still no word on when exactly console players will be able to download the 1.5.4 patch, though Bethesda has confirmed that the update will be released later this week.

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