It looks like no one is safe on the internet no matter who they are, as yet another big name in the tech world gets hacked. This time, it's the Twitter account of Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

For the record, the head honcho of the Facebook-owned company has already taken back control of his account at the time of this writing.

Lucas Matney of TechCrunch got in touch with the culprit, finding out that he acquired the password from the MySpace incident last month. Apparently, Iribe has been using a four-year-old combination, and because of that, the hacker didn't spare a moment's time to rub salt in the wounds.

"[I]magine creating the coolest s*** to ever be introduced to gaming and technology but using the same pass for 4 years lol... silly mr CEO!" he posted using the executive's Twitter before it got taken down.

He also informed Matney that he would've successfully gained access to Iribe's email if it weren't for the two-factor authentication. This just goes to show how a little preparation can go a long way in terms of security online.

In light of this event, Iribe can now be chalked up to the growing list of bigwigs in the industry who also got their accounts compromised recently, including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few.

In Pichai's case, it was his Quora account that got breached, and because it was linked to his Twitter, the people behind it were able to spread the word to all of the Google executive's followers.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked, and it was because of the LinkedIn breach back in May. Similar to what happened to Iribe, it was a good reminder for everyone on the internet to always put in more effort and time in creating a password.

The group of hackers who targeted Pichai and Zuckerberg identifies itself as OurMine, and it claims to simply be "testing people's security." However, it should be pointed out that this three-man team doesn't seem to be responsible for hacking the Twitter account of Iribe.

The importance of having a good password can never be stressed enough, and a good example of a bad and admittedly funny password is when the North Korean Facebook clone got hacked for using "password" as its password.

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