This 5-Year-Old's Science Lab Video Is A Must-Watch


Although many might believe that today's kids just aren't that interested in science, one five-year-old named Oliver is out to prove those people wrong.

According to Oliver's dad, Reddit user notcodyshafer, the boy has wanted to make science videos since he learned how to talk, and now, Oliver has his own science lab series on YouTube called "Oliver's Science Lab."

For anyone watching and thinking they're witnessing a miniature version of Bill Nye in the making, that is not a coincidence: Oliver's father confirmed that his son is a huge fan of the Science Guy's work.

Oliver's first onscreen experiment is one many children learn at school, although probably at a later age: the classic tornado in a jar. In his video, Oliver not only details out what's needed for the experiment, but also demonstrates it, while offering up some key facts about tornadoes. He also offers tips on what to do during a tornado. The video is both informative and entertaining, while also being absolutely adorable.

Watch this, because it's likely that this kid will go places:

Reddit has already discovered the wonderful world of "Oliver's Science Lab."

"As a science teacher, I approve," tgoesh wrote. "That's some good stuff, there. Anything to keep his curiosity up is excellent."

Oliver is obviously the result of some good parenting, and Reddit recognized that.

"This is awesome and makes me want to be a parent ... keep nurturing this in him," mmmiguelkd wrote. "Not the idea that he might be smart or advanced or whatever but the love for science and the passion for sharing it. Science isn't some magical thing that 'smart people' are born into doing, it's the desire to understand and learn and share that understanding. If he's already trying to do that now I don't even know what he'd be like come high school or college. You're lucky and a good parent, thanks for sharing this, made my day."

Here's hoping that Oliver continues to find inspiration in science. He's already got a lot of fans out there who are anxiously awaiting his next video. Here's also hoping that Oliver inspires the next generation of science enthusiasts.

"Oh my goodness. I want this kid to have everything he wants and needs to do more science things," Penla wrote. "His passion is sweet and comforting in a way. I really hope he continues to find joy in learning new things and always strives to learn more and more."

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